Claim your Refund

Step 1

Pull out and identify your policies

Find your various policies. they could be either Superannuation, Allocated Pensions, Managed Funds, Life Insurance, Trauma and TPD Insurance. Identify the policy numbers and the companies from which you bought them, and check if your contact details are current. (Please note Industry Funds and Government Super Funds do not pay commissions.)

Step 2

Download the broker nomination form

Click here to download

Simply click here to download a broker nomination form to get started or call Refund Easy on 1300 992 889 and we can fax, post or email the form to you.

Step 3

Send us your nomination form

The form can be Faxed, Posted or Emailed to us. Once we receive your completed form, we will lodge it with the appropriate Insurer or Fund Manager and inform you when the transfer has been completed. By nominating Refund Easy as your broker it does not alter your investment in any way.

That’s it! Too easy

We will credit your trailing commission refund directly to your bank account each quarter!

It doesn’t get any easier than that to save money!