Investments and Managed Funds

Would you like more money working for you?

We claim back what’s yours! Let us unlock the commission built into your managed funds and investments

Check your Managed Fund or Investment statement. Did you know that you may be paying hefty trailing commissions on your investments?

Many Australians are unaware of these trailing commissions which could be charged at up to 0.60% of the balance of the fund. This is either paid to a financial adviser in return for financial planning advice or if you haven’t nominated a planner, then the platform provider retains this money. But you can claim a good deal of that money back! Read on.

Why wouldn’t you need to seek financial advice?

Well you will at some point, but you may choose not to review it on an annual basis. In the meantime, why pay those hefty trailing commissions when you’re not receiving any advice on that investment?

Or perhaps you’d prefer to do your own investing. Or, you simply choose not to engage a financial planner. Well now you can receive a refund on this trailing commission, just by nominating Refund Easy as your broker.

How do I start my refund?

Simply nominate Refund Easy as your broker. All you need to do is complete a separate form for each platform you have. Click here to complete the form.

Is there a catch?

Absolutely not! Nominating Refund Easy as your broker does not alter your investment in any way. In fact, all it does is provide you with money back, every quarter!

  • It will not trigger any Capital Gains Tax issues.
  • You will still own and control your investment/policy.
  • Refund Easy cannot transact on your investment.
  • No extra fees or charges are levied on your fund.

And best of all we will credit your trailing commission refund directly to your bank account each quarter for the trail commission across all your investments.