No-one likes paying insurance premiums…would you like some of your premiums refunded?

We claim back what’s yours!

Let us unlock the commission built into your insurance

Check your insurance policies. Did you know that you may be paying hefty trailing commissions on them?

Many Australians are simply unaware of these trailing commissions, and you could be paying between 5% and 32% of your annual premium. For example, if your premium is $1,500 per year you could be paying between $75 and $500 in trailing commissions! That adds up to some serious money; a decent proportion of which we could be refunding to you every quarter!

What kind of refunds are you entitled to?

Trailing commission refunds are available on:

  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Death Insurance
  • Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

How do I start my refund?

No problem! Simply nominate Refund Easy as your broker. All you need to do is complete a separate form for each policy you have. Click here to complete the form.

Is there a catch?

No catch! Nominating Refund Easy as your broker does not alter your policy in any way. In fact, all it does is provide you with money back, every quarter!

  • It will not trigger any policy changes.
  • You will still own and control your policy.
  • Refund Easy cannot transact on your policy.
  • No extra fees or charges are levied on your policy.

And best of all we will credit your trailing commission refund directly to your bank account each quarter for the trail commission across all your policies.