Refund Easy Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company.

Refund Easy Pty Ltd, is a corporate authorised representative of Dover Financial Advisers Pty Ltd (AFSL 307248)

Refund Easy Pty Ltd  does not provide personal advice of any kind.

Refund Easy Pty Ltd undertakes to refund a significant portion of the trail commission built into a range of financial products that includes superannuation, allocated pensions, managed funds and insurance.

We undertake to refund 60% of the commissions we collect back to you. The cost of this service is 40% of the commission up to a maximum of $280 per annum per couple. Above $280, we refund 100% of the trailing commission.

We will credit your trailing commission refund directly to your bank account each quarter along with a listing of all commission collected during the quarter. Refunds are made in March, June, September and December.

Refund Easy Pty Ltd does not provide advice of any kind. If advice is required you will need to contact an adviser who is licensed to provide personal advice which takes into account your personal circumstances, needs and objectives. Please contact us if you would like a referral to a financial adviser that is licensed to provide personal advice.

By choosing not to receive advice you accept the risk that you may be choosing, or continuing with, an investment, or an insurance policy, that is inadequate and/or inappropriate for your needs. In certain situations this could leave you in financial hardship.

What makes us different?

We are different from other commission refund providers in 4 major ways:

  1. Our clients receive their refunds QUARTERLY, not annually.
  2. Couples receive a discount and are processed under one income threshold and therefore each person receives a higher refund.
  3. We refund 60% of the commissions we collect back to you and retain 40% up to a maximum of $280 pa per couple and then refund 100% above this to you QUARTERLY. The most we retain is $280 pa per couple, not per person.
  4. We bear the cost of any  licensing fees and refund you 100% of what we receive on your behalf.

Who may this service not be suitable for?

If you currently have a financial planner that you are working with, or regularly in contact with, or who provides regular reviews of your policy this commission refund service may not be for you.

The commission we refund to you is the same commission that would be paid to the current adviser to cover his business costs.

As such, if you nominate us to refund your commission you are also cutting off the income to the current adviser to run his business in which case he will provide you with no further advice or service.

We are at your service, wherever you are in Australia

You can complete our application forms very easily once you decide which of our services you’d like to utilise. Even though Refund Easy is based in Melbourne, we will happily assist you no matter where you are in Australia. We’ve made it even easier by:

  • providing a 1300 number so you will only ever pay the cost of a local call to reach us
  • making available video appointments if you have a webcam

Please call us on 1300 992 889  or 03 9553 1143 or enquire online with any questions.

If you are not satisfied with our services, we will provide you with a fair process to resolve any differences that may exist. Want refunds on your policies? Start your claim today!